Saddlemen S3 Super Slammed Solo seat Charcoal

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Saddlemen S3 Super Slammed Solo seat Charcoal
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Really low to create a stylish saddle so thin it barely covers the bike's battery
The perfect seat choice for the rider alone, no passenger pillion
The sculpting of the seat not only creates a smart style, but it gives riders a short leg reach to the ground for confident stops
Offer excellent comfort with a classic feel and are weather-resistant for low-maintenance ownership
The progressive density foam with a top layer of SaddleGel™ offers a surprising amount of supportive comfort for a slammed solo seat
Gel-coated, marine grade fiberglass pans and chrome brackets make sure the seat is durable for decades of riding
Easy to install, just like the bike's original seat; includes additional mounting hardware as needed
Designed and made in the U.S.A.

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