Moose Racing Kenai side case

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Moose Racing Kenai side case
Moose Racing Kenai side case
Moose Racing Kenai side case
Moose Racing Kenai side case
Moose Racing Kenai side case
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1-3 days
Delivery costs from
354,00 €
379,00 €

Kenai side cases are made of high-quality Hardened Aluminum Alloy construction with clear anodized finish to prevent cases from discoloring and keeps them looking new.
Kenai lock system uses AISI 304 stainless steel integrated lock system that incorporates handle / locking mechanism to secure cases to the mounts and lid opening case for internal access to contents. This is a patented system is quick and easy to install or remove from the mount.
Releasing the case from the mount bracket, the handle can be used as a carrying handle for the case.
Lock System uses 1 key for all operations to lock system to mount and for opening trunk. Locks include anti-dust protectors.
Folding tray for easy access and securing contents from falling out when lid is open.
Waterproof double sealing lid and compartment closure to prevent water entering the inside of case.
Cases are designed to be self-standing when removed from bike and built-in case guards reduces chance of damaging cases during use.
Kenai side case accessories includes: expandable inner storage bag can be used for side or top case applications

Capacity 36 L.
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